Dating overly attached girlfriend

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While it certainly is of sound reasoning, it doesn’t make it any easier for us to deal with it when our partners start acting this way.

According to her article in Latina, love and sex expert and author of Dating RITE: Advice on Dating Woes from Your Go-to Chica , Sujeiry Gonzalez, said overdoing it on social media can scream, “clingy!” This is also true when considering the amount of things they post of you (like 100 similar looking pictures of you two from a weekend trip) or if they’re posting on your Facebook wall all the time to stake their claim, Gonzalez said.A night out with your friends without your partner?Let’s begin with the most obvious signs of all: Your partner doesn’t seem to want to leave you alone for a second.If you’re not physically together, they’ll immediately turn to using their phone to get ahold of you.

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