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Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. The whole question may be thus briefly summed up : Peis- thetaerus is an Athenian, therefore he is not Gorgias ; Peisthetae- rus is an elderly man, therefore he is not Alcibiades ; therefore he is neither one nor the other. Tocf i K t Qp vofiia'fj La, Kvpfia, rpififia, Trai Trakrifi SKov, We are Ic SS surprised to find that one who can translate all these words into "sophists," translates opvi Bo Brjpa^ " sophists," too. I would ask, does Peisthetserus act like a Sophist when he beats Meton, himself a o-o^to T^r in the language of the Athenian people, (1019), and those two humbugs, the Government Sur- veyor and the Act-of- Parliament Vendor, (1045 sqq.), when he gives such salutary counsel to the would-be parricide (1362 — 1369)^ and when he administers such deserved chastisement to the Sycophant (1465) ? We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. " Therefore," says Suvem, " he is hoih :" a conclusion which common logic and common sense Qtterly repudiate. Siivern will tell us, that Gorgias and Alcibiades had the sophistical element in common, which is reproduced in Peisthetaerus. In truth, he differs very little in lan- guage or spirit from Dicaeopolis or Chremylus, or Trygaeus — ^he belongs to the ordinary type of heroes of comedy. It is impossible not to assent to the truth of Crete's remark, that the Melian Dialogue is introduced by Thucydides to illustrate the over- weening insolence of the Athenians in this the culminating period of their prosperity : to point the moral, so striking to the Greek mind, that pride goes before a fsdl, exactly in the same spirit as the Poet's, when he makes Agamemnon walk over purple to the House of Death. Kal v Oy o^c awikirif TTol tto fia XXoy Ile Xoiroyi^crioi h rjfias iycpovroy «e.r. It will, however, be worth our while to examine the question more closely, in order to shew (1) that — besides the ci priori gufficient naval force at home to prevent tbority is paramount^ like that of Mr their attacking us by sea." Little errors Grrote. By keeping this probability in mind, much might still be recovered ; — ^perhaps even the substance of those notes on St Epiphanius, of which Cave {Hist, l Att. Indeed I have omitted nothing but the most obvious corrections of typographical errors. Marginalia on Eusobius and Photius, by Bishop Pear- son, (continued from p. They had destroyed the prestige of the Spartan name, had detached Argos from her alliance, and in fact felt themselves so secure at home that they conceived the idea of employing their super- abundant strength in the Sicilian expedition. When he says **men,'' he means " men"— uoi Ti tout. '' Peisthetserus combines the chief characteristics of Aid* biades and Gorgias.'' This strange statement appears to me to be implicitly refuted (so far as concerns Alcibiades) by what I have urged respecting the interval between the mission of the Salaminia and the pro- duction of the play. It was probably Pearson's constant habit to write marginal notes as he read: and, if so, many libraries in the kingdom may possess volumes exhibiting traces of his clear and vigorous pen. published by Dr Gaisford : but still a Anecdota* 99 regard for Pearson's credit seemed to justify their retention. Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Some of the Greek anecdotes probably come firom misunderstood jests of comic dramatists ; some, perhaps, may have a basis of fact, and be derived from continuous tradition ; but which these are we have no means of testing *. 13 We may observe that in these anecdotes literary men assmne an importance which they by no means held in the estimation of their contemporaries. That Gorgias was ever a prominent personage in the eyes of the Athenian people, we have no proof. Gorgias is only twice mentioned in Aristophanes, both times in conjunction with one Philippus, of whom nothing more is known, once cursorily in the '^ Wasps'' (^^1) ^^^ again in this play, to which I shall refer presently. • The occurrence of the story of the Ephedan matron in Phsedr. 1 1 1^ 1 12) ; for that story seems to have heen early popular in Bome^ and both writers may have used it independently. It is assigned to the third century, and is of the natural size. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. The c R-ira^r \&yo9 of which we read, was probably a rhetorical exercise never spoken at any real fonera L At Athens such an office was, so far as we know, never assigned to any but an illustrious citizen. He was, at all events, a foreigner, and Peisthetaerus and his companion expressly claim to be true Athenians, bred and bom (33, 34) : ao Tol ut T do T&p ov ao Pov PTOs ovb€v6g a P€irr6yk€(Tff t K rijs warpidos df Aff Htip irodoty. The fabuhst^ be he who he may, probably lived before John of Salisbury, whom the author of the article Pehronvus in Ersch and Gruber's Encydopad U (in the supplementary no- tice at the end of the volume), cites as the second authority for the tale. A third is a cmi Xiy, of white marble, found near Smyrna, repre- senting Tryphon, son of Tryphon, a youth of fourteen, attired in a x^'Tf^v and accompanied by a dog.

1584), Alkibiades finished his career by the overthrow of the democratic constitution of his country." This passage, with which I cordially agree, occurs in Pro- fessor Suvem'a Essay on the " Clouds" (p. Tr.), and was published just one year before the production of the Essay on the ** Birds." In the former Essay, his object was to prove that Phei- dippides meant Alcibiades ; in the latter Essay, that proposition is discreetly ignored: it would be too glaringly absurd to say that Pheidippides and Peisthetaerus were derived from the same prototype. 176, says, '^ Isocrates, quum tamen audivisset in Thessalia adolescens senem jam Gorgiam . ." Now if Gorgias had been a perma- nent resident in Athens, he might have heard him at home without going to Thessaly. That he ever occupied so important a place in public estimation as that a miscellaneous audience would recognize him when introduced on the stage under a false name, ov K €$rj Kaafj L€vot, and combined with another person, is quite incre- dible.

The Athenians had indeed suffered serious checks and severe defeats at Oropu Sy Delium, Amphipolis, and elsewhere ; but no one who reads the history of the Pcloponnesian war^ without a pre- conceived theory to maintain, can fail to see that their afiairs were to all appearance more prosperous at the commencement of the year 414, than they were when the war began. His language is quite clear as to the fact, that the war hitherto had resulted in unlooked-for success to Athens, and had raised her hopes as much as it had depressed the prestige and credit of Sparta. I assert positively that there is not a line in the whole play whereby a spectator could divine that the poet meant by '' men,'' the smaller states of Greece. 570 : 'Eiret d€ h Skixov ro U €T€(nv ijbrf Tpex^h and the Append. 148 : Aaimada yap fway fie fwvov ^^e Xe baipxov^ Tov dc lio Kphv yipns ovk erl Bti bo Kixov. Beside Justin Martyr's works and those of the minor Apologists associated with him, they contain Eusebius's Prceparatio Evangelica, Demonstra Uo Evange Uca^ both treatises against Marce Uus, and that against Hieroc Us, and also Photius's Bibliotheca. It will be seen that many of the best textual emendations coincide with the readings of fresh MSS.

On the latter hypothesis, the inconsistencies are natural, on the former, unaccountable. ^* The Gods represent the Spartans and Pelopoimesians, together with the principal states in alliance with them." Because, forsooth, ^^ the balance of power was leaning to the Spartan side," and, "the political weight and credit of the Athenians was sunken by the defeats at Oropus and Delium, and by the advances made by the Spartans on the frontiers of Thrace." 8 Journal of Philology. Nothing so ** sophistical'^ can be detected in Peisthetaerus even by a German Professor predetermined to find " sophistry" everywhere. Nicias, at all events, is a witness perfectly unexceptionable. Il): &tr€p vw vf Ulg ^ 'ABrptmoi c V Acuec- Ikuftoyiovs Koi rovt (yfifiaxovg wrtr6p6a TV bth, rh iraph yvo^fupf avr&p wpht h c^o^cicr^e rh wpwrop fr€pvye Y€vrja'Bai Ka Ta€Ttpop d7rp€7r€? It is sufficiently refuted by the speech of the Herald (1277 sqq.) above referred to, in which, while professing to relate how men in general had received the commands of Peisthetserus, he relates only how the Athenians had received them. This is all that I have been able to discover respecting their outward history. The present number contains only notes on Eusebius.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. 3rd, Lamachus could scarcely have been omitted in a play of which the Sicilian expedition was the object.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Argument the first may well be left to fall by itd own weight. 2 would have been more apposite if Lamachus had once been rich.

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